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Thursday, December 08, 2005

WAHM Band Frenzy

Attention Wahms - Please Read

Are you a Proud Wahm?
Then shout it to the world with your new Proud Wahm Band!

The Purple Wahm Bands are a tool to raise awareness about work at home moms. They are fashioned after the popular Livestrong Bands produced by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money for cancer research. Ever since, these bands have been popular for every kind of group. Wear your Wahm Band to let the world know you're Proud to be a Work at Home Mom!

Wahm Bands are great conversation starters! One look at your band and people will be asking you what you do! Promotion at its finest!

Be one of the first to order your Purple Wahm Bands now.

Purple Wahm Bands are only $5 each including shipping & handling!

So, let's keep up the trend, wear your Purple Wahm Bands, and raise some awareness!

Order Yours TODAY! Just click on the picture below! - Are You a Proud Wahm?


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