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Monday, January 28, 2008

Over $550 later my car is fixed

Last week when we had a pretty good snow storm, I was out and about and the roads where I was had not been plowed yet and I paid dearly for that but luckily it was only me involved. It didn't turn out to be my day, I was running late, got stuck at a train for 15 minutes and then got a green light however a firetruck and ambulance were coming towards me so I had to wait yet again. Then I went to turn left on to the main road and slid across the entire road slamming my right front tire into the curb, really hard. It was so loud that it scared the pants off me LOL

Anyway, it started running funny, my steering wheel was shaking, my tire was wobbling and well, I had to drive on it for another few days until Kev could get to the tire. I hit the curb so hard that my tire rim went all the way into the tire. Luckily we found a tire and rim at the junkyard for under $40. That was all good but I still had the loud drumming/rubbing sound. Went to the car dealer early this morning and was there for over 3 hours while they fixed it to the tune of over $550 OUCH! But all is good, the car drives fine and no noise. I am thankful that my car was the only one involved. I have had this car, a Chevy Cavalier Rally Sport since 1998 and this is the first boo boo HA HA

We keep putting off buying a new car for me because I would rather not have another monthly car payment and I would much prefer to use that moola to vacation in Jamaica on a yearly basis.


At February 02, 2008 1:50 AM, Blogger Tishia said...

Well I'm glad to hear that it was nothing serious meaning that you weren't hurt or something along those lines.

I'd be saying ouch if I had to pay that kind of repair bill! Geesh.


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