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Sunday, June 15, 2008

If you came to my house meme

If you came to my house…

You would see:
One big mess! We just got home from a week away at my mom and dad's house LOL

I’d probably feed you:
Well, I personally wouldn't feed you anything but Kev is a wonderful cook and would probably grill you up something special. How about some real tasty grilled shrimp?

And offer you this to drink:
Red Stripe (Jamaican beer). We bought a 6 pk. a few weeks ago but we don't drink and I thought we would enjoy it but beer is not my thing so we still have 4 left. Any takers? If you don't drink, I can make you this yummy tea my mom made us this past week. It's made with decaf Lipton tea bags and was so good we bought some today and I have made two pitchers already.

I’d undoubtedly ask if you’d read:
hmm not sure

I’d want to play this music for you:
My new Madonna or Celine Dion CD's

I’d want to tell you about:
Our vacation to my parent's (yes, I'll post about it here soon)

I’d probably suggest a game of:
Apples to Apples or Scattergories

I would definitely show off:
the new grill hubby got for Father's Day

I might get on the computer and show you:
vacation pictures

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch:
E.T. or National Treasure 2 (we bought it a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to watch it)

What would a visit to your house be like?

I'm not tagging anyone for this meme but if you feel like playing along, please drop me a message to let me know where to find your answers.



At June 15, 2008 9:50 PM, Blogger Tishia said...

Glad you played along! Grilled shrimp sounds when can I come over for some ;-)

At June 16, 2008 2:42 AM, Blogger Val said...

This was fun. I posted my answers here:

At June 16, 2008 9:20 AM, Blogger The Q Family said...

Can't wait to see your post and pictures from your vacation. And I would love to watch National Treasure 2 again. :)

-Amy @ The Q Family


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