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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Contest over at Green & Clean Mom blog

I just have to post about this contest because I am so desperate for a cool blog theme for my name domain (that I have had for months now and haven't done a darn thing with) and haven't had time to look for a theme nor the funds to purchase one so here I am blogging about this awesome contest I found at Green & Clean Mom blog in hopes I have a good chance to win. And this Green & Clean Mom blog is very cool too. I am not very green, I admit it but I tell ya this blog might be my answer to help me along the way. We did buy a cloth grocery bag today at the local mom and pop grocery store so at least we're trying, right? Now I just have to remember to take it with us next time.

So be sure to stop by the Green & Clean Mom blog today and check out the contest for a Wordpress blog theme.



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