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Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday

It's Friday and I'm finally getting back here to post. I have been busy focusing on my business so my weight loss journal (blog) and website has been getting most of my attention. I finally have focus so things are getting accomplished.

Anyway, Kev and I actually took a friend's two daughters (ages 16 and 12) to Six Flags Great America two weeks ago and had a blast. I absolutely love all the rides and want to go back. Kev doesn't like any rides that spin though but we all got to ride everything we wanted. A few days after we got home from the theme park, there was a show on the Travel Channel highlighting some popular roller coasters all over the US. I am now going to add something new to my vision board. I would like to visit each and every theme park that was highlighted in that show (now if I could find the show again, that would be cool LOL).

Anyway, Kev and I got sick a few days later and were sick for over 10 days. It was not fun but it was relaxing. We spent many hours watching the Olympics. I have never watched so much of them in my life but it was a blast and we really enjoyed it.

So here I am to check in and hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow we'll go to spin class at the gym and I'll head out to meet two of my online friends. I have met Lauren before but we haven't met Patty yet so we are looking forward to a fun time. I'll post pictures and tell you all about our lunch date. How fun, I can't wait.

Not much else going on except it's a long weekend and Kev and I have spin class Sat. & Sun. and we'll do some grocery shopping plus I want to go to Whole Foods Market to check it out. I have never been there before. Do you shop at Whole Foods Market? If so, come by my weight loss journal and share your favorite items to buy at Whole Foods Market.

Other than that, there are quite a few business things I would like to share so hopefully I'll do that over the next week or so. If you would like to check out my healthy weight loss blog, I would love to have you there.

Have a great weekend!


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