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Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Round Up Time

I haven't done a Weekly Round Up in quite some time so I thought I would post today.

  1. List two things you are proud of yourself for this week.

    I am most proud that I got the home page of my healthy weight loss website, Losing It and Loving It done. The whole website needs work and I am working on it bit by bit with the help of my business mentor, Lynn Terry of Click Newz, an Internet marketing blog. She's the best!

    The other thing I am proud about is that I listened to my body and made some changes with my weekly exercise routine. I have been having some knee issues and needed to slow down a bit and I did that. You can follow my updates about this on my weight loss blog.

  2. Were you able to work on getting your goals accomplished? (if you met them or not)


  3. Share something you learned this week.

    I learned that I just need to take action and that it is OK to make mistakes. That is how you learn.
How was your week?

Hope you have a great weekend!

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