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Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning MeMe: April 28th

Monday Morning Meme at

April 28th Questions:

1. You have just been introduced to Oprah. What one thing do you want to talk to her about?

I would like to talk to Oprah about weight loss/fitness. It would be interesting to share my story and hear about hers as well.

2. What is the most fun you’ve had so far in 2008? Be specific, tell us all about it.

The most fun I have had so far in 2008 would probably be joining a fitness center. Hubby and I joined in Feb. and it's been a great experience so far. I really enjoy being able to use the various machines but I absolutely love the classes that are offered. My favorite is Turbo Kick and I do that 3x a week and I have also taken a Zumba class and hubby and I just recently started going to Spin class every Saturday.

3. Do spelling and grammar mistakes in newspapers and magazines upset you at all? What about spelling and grammar mistakes on blogs? Do you stop reading if there are too many mistakes? Or do you just ignore them? What about your own writing/blog? Are you sensitive about using correct grammar? Do you proofread before hitting that publish button?

Spelling and grammar mistakes sometimes bother be but not to the extent that I will stop reading unless it's obviously really bad. On my own blogs I do tend to proofread a bit too much before publishing.

4. How early do you start planning your summer vacation? Now tell us, what ARE your plans for summer vacation?

We don't usually take a summer vacation (no kids at home) but this summer we will be going to my parent's for a visit and we planned that trip about 3 months ago. We are however going to Jamaica again this December and that vacation was booked in March. We book that much in advance because the resort offers up to 50% OFF so we most definitely like to take advantage of that special. Only 8 months to go LOL

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: Thirty One Gifts Online Party

Come join us this Friday, April 25th for a fun Thirty-One Gifts online party at 8:30 PM Eastern.
The party is listed on the calendar at Mom Chats

Once you click on the party link, you can set up a reminder, just click on the link next to the clock and you're all set.

Do you have a hard time finding monogrammed items in your children's, friend's and family names or even your own name? If so, you have come to the right place. You can get free personalization on a variety of items from Thirty-One Gifts.

Don't miss the Beach totes, purses, storage totes, lunch totes, suitcases, duffel bags, adult/child
aprons, stationary, organizers, wristlets, backpacks and more.

These items will make the perfect gift for any occasion. Affordable and unique!

Check out the Spring catalog at

You can also take a stroll through Jane's Thirty-One Gifts website

April's monthly special is the new hanging cosmetic organizer for just $20! For everyone who orders, there will be a drawing for one lucky guest at the party to get FREE shipping.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting business, Jane will be sharing some business opportunity info during the party.

We hope you will join the fun! Let's party

When: Friday April 25th @ 8:30 PM Eastern

Hope to see you at the party this Friday! Bring a friend too. We'll have a blast.

**If you find items you would like but cannot attend the party, feel free to visit Jane's Thirty-One Gift's website, click on My Events on the right and then look for Mom Chats on the calendar for April 25th. You can shop through that link so the credit goes towards my party.

If you email me to let me know you'll attend the party (and you attend) or have placed an order with Jane before the party, I will put everyone who responds into a drawing and choose one winner who will win prize from me.

Hope to see you Friday night.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Apple Blossom Candles: Spring & Summer Scents Have Arrived

It's time for me to put together yet another order for my favorite candle shop, Apple Blossom Candles. I'm anxious to try some new scents in the Spring and Summer line but also from the main scent list too.

Here are some of my favorite scents:
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Lemongrass
  • Island Lime
  • Oceanside
  • White Linen
Of course there are many more that I like but those are my Top 5. Apple Blossom Candles has a great April special. The fragrance spotlight for April is Morning Rain and you can SAVE 15% on products in that scent. Everything from car freshners, votives, melts, tea lights and candles too.

Be sure to check out the candle accessories and enter the monthly contest while you're there.

My favorite products they offer are the melts, tea lights and car freshners.

Happy Friday!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Fun: Does Your Name Fit You?

Tishia is playing a fun little game on her blog so I thought I would play along.

Does Your Name Fit You?

A Easy to fall in love with
N Has gorgeous eyes
G Loves to be loved
I Loves to laugh and smile
E Can kick your butt

(I know Tishia got this somewhere but I just had to change the mis-spellings LOL)

A: Easy to fall in love with
B: Just acts like themselves
C: good person
D: Is very sexual
E: Can kick your butt
F: Loves people
G: Loves to be loved
H: Fricken hot
I: Loves to laugh and smile
J: Is really sweet
K: Crazy
L: Really good kisser
M: Hotttttttttt
N: Has gorgeous eyes
O: Has a nice butt
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: An animal lover
R: Has one of the best personalities ever
S: Makes people laugh
T: Makes dating fun!
U: Has a Smile to die for
V : freakin hot hardly ever unhappy
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Just awesome
Z: Loved by everyone

I would also say that it fits me pretty well. You would have to ask Kev about my eyes LOL! And I bet if I had to I could kick butt now that I have been working out.

What does your name mean?


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Yep, today is my birthday, April Fool's Day. Kev and I celebrated both of our birthday's this past Sunday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants called The Key Wester. It takes us over an hour to get there so we don't go often but it's a nice treat. If you are ever in the Naperville, IL area you should stop in for lunch or dinner. We love it because of the Caribbean theme. You know we have to get our fix while we wait for our Jamaican vacation to come in Dec.

I exercised a lot today. Went to the gym and used the elliptical, did a Turbo Kick class and came home to walk 4 miles and did some ab work on the stability ball. I am exhausted now!

I am craving sushi but since I already had my b-day dinner, I think we'll just stay in tonight. I found out about a sushi buffet not to far from here and wanted to go there at first but The Key Wester won out. I think the sushi buffet will be good for Mother's Day *wink*

So far my mom and dad and my stepson have called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. I can't believe I'm 36. Not too worried about it though, I think I'm still young at heart.